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We offer podcast creation, production, editing, mixing, and distribution.

Professional Podcast Production

Here are just a few examples of shows that we produce on a weekly basis. We help you pick the appropriate equipment, we train you to record your own audio, guide your vocal technique and microphone interaction, and then we take your audio, produce it, edit it, package it, and distribute it to all of the platforms at the level that meets industry standards. With our in-house producers, engineers, and studio equipment we apply professional-grade noise reduction, compression, equalization, leveling, and a whole experience that make every episode stand on its own.


Package Breakdown

All of our services are offered individually, in part, or collectively in a full package. We are confident in our needs assessment for each business.

Citizens (podcast service music)-08.jpg


Part of our packaging process is finding the right music for your intro and outro that best fits your companies sound and brand. Choosing to work with us you will:

  • Get an exclusive look at our instrumental catalog created by our very own producers that you can license for your show

  • Be aided in the process of licensing music from a third party

  • Have the option to have your very own original music created and recorded for the sole purpose of your show


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Show Notes

Citizens has an in-house staff of copywriters. Our team writes show notes for the majority of our shows. A typical show notes format that Citizens creates for your RSS feed includes:

  • Engaging Episode Title

  • Subtitle

  • Descriptive paragraph

  • Tags & Keywords for SEO

  • Links and mentions

Consider adding our Show Notes service into your Podcast Production Plan and save the time and headache.


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Episode Design

It’s important to utilize social media for every episode that you release. It’s critical to have a visual to go with each episode so that every episode stands out and has a life of its own within the show. We can design a cohesive and consistent design for each individual episode released according to your brands look and color scheme.
See some examples below:


Citizens - Black Optical -02.jpg
The Gathering Place-01.jpg

Are you ready for your voice to be heard?