It’s last minute and you’re stressing over the fate of your city and state because it is time to cast your vote for the leaders of your home.

We hope these resources will help you become more efficient in your voting.
We encourage you to visit their websites, as well as their Facebook pages.
Check to see how they speak to the general public, the fans, the people with questions, etc.
This will give you insight, not only to their position on issues, but also their character.

Let us breakdown how to efficiently use this document:

STEP 1: Look up your current voter registration here:
STEP 2: Download BOTH of your sample ballots.
STEP 3: Visit our cheat sheet by clicking the photo below.
STEP 4: Search for the proper tabs on the cheat sheet based on the titles on your ballot.
Then find the names of the nominees under the proper tab.
STEP 5: RESEARCH. Go to their website and their Facebook. It is important to predetermine WHO you will be voting for.

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